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Further Down the Trenches of Dark Souls
So, I am still playing Dark Souls. My gaming style is definitely as a completionist. I like to explore every nook and cranny in a game, usually. And I've been playing on and off, for the past few weeks.

Sometimes B. comes over to play with me since he's also a huge Dark Souls fan. I have DS II but of course won't be starting that until I am done with the first one.

Dark Souls is a game that makes you own your player skills, for sure. You don't just whiz through the game casually, and in some ways, it is full of surprises, at times.

Of course, I want to play Dark Souls 2 with B. once I start that. We'll both be new to it, which will be exciting. To play a game we both haven't played.

I am finally catching up on The Walking Dead and all sorts of stuff on my Netflix account. We both are watching The Walking Dead and a bunch of other stuff on my account when he comes over. I am waiting to watch the first episode of the 4th season of Game of Thrones, so that we can both see it together. I hear the first season comes in with a nice intensity.

So there's a lot to catch up on in terms of media backlog goes. Video games, movies, TV series, board games, etc.

As for board games, I've been getting quite heavily into Eminent Domain, Magic the Gathering (B. likes to build custom decks for me), and a new board game I got called A Castle for All Seasons (by the same makers of The Village and Village Inn expansion, which I both have).

Eminent Domain is like a cross between Dominion and Race for the Galaxy and RtG is a game I am quite good at and already play often both on PC and in person, but more on my PC these days.

Keldon AI is awesome for RtG fans or those who wish to practice playing the game. The bot is crazy good and well-designed.


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