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Travel and Networking
I will do a bit more travel this year...travel to some places will be minor and not really unusual.

For example, this early July, I'll be going to Vegas again for EVO. I've been to Vegas many times.

But after that, I'll be planning a trip to Montreal or Vancouver. Plan to stay up to a week. I even thought about Arizona later this year, since the drive isn't too crazy there.

I road-tripped to El Centro recently and that was very interesting. The drive is strange because you see just how quickly the landscape and natural scenery changes from where I'm coming from. It's a bit further south than San Diego, which I visited not long ago for a casino trip.

You also realize just how close San Diego is to the border of Mexico. I've never been to Mexico. But I wouldn't want to go without any proper research and preparation...

I have my hair all curly now in long ringlets and still with my purple streaks. The streaks have been re-dyed and they are vibrant and deep now in royal/electric purple. I've been getting compliments on my hair a lot, lately.

I naturally have curly/wavy hair so it is nice to wear that look more often than flat-ironing it for a straighter look. I just mist my hair with a mixture of pure aloe vera, water, and light essential oils.


As for networking, as usual, I've been meeting a lot of people. It's really strange to think about, but people know me that I've never even met, because word spreads around about stuff, especially my events. Or sometimes I'll be surprised that someone has just mentioned me to someone else because I guess I am perceived as popular. I really don't think of myself that way and again it's bizarre to think about it. Not negative, just weird, because I always have this individualistic view of myself. Humble, down to earth, and even sometimes isolated view. Having any status of ubiquity is not something I've become used to.

However, the networking is really good for my events, my projects, and future creative plans/goals. And I am always open to the possibility of establishing good, solid friendships with people. I really value that.


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