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The Heart's Doorway Opens at Midnight

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Hello Ello...
I am not sure how much I will use my Ello account, but I finally received an invite to the community. I am also able to distribute invitation codes, if I desire.

I've offered up a few already and let people know about the opportunity to receive them from me. I guess if I plan to use it, I'll use it for typing out things the way I've done here in the past...candid, lucid, and random thoughts, feelings, musings, and reflections...bits of confetti spraying out of the party favor that is my life.

I like how streamlined and simple Ello it is. That can be refreshing sometimes...

It's startling to realize how soon the year is coming to an end...so much has happened.

I look forward to Christmas...I like festivities, cheer, and atmosphere...

I have no guesses about what next year will bring. Let's hope some delightful presents are under the tree and that I receive alluring telegrams and sweet, delicate welcome cakelets from special neighbors.

Life can be so random.

I've developed friendships with very complicated characters...people with all sorts of dualities, issues, sparks, designs, and convictions. This stew is very spicy...I often wonder how my spice affects its flavor.


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