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The White Sage Burns
A lot has happened in the last couple of months. One of those things is that I've been contracted for work to do web design for a high-end shop near UCLA on Gayley. The owners are very down-to-earth and friendly. I like them a lot.

I chose to go to Las Vegas this summer for my trip for EVO. I was looking at Montreal and New York, but I am hoping I can visit Montreal later this year. It might be too cold for either, though. But I'll see. I want to make time for like a week-long visit and to really get a lot of activities in.

I am still running a lot of social events, so I still do quite a bit of event planning, and my social network continues to grow. I've connected with so many people, businesses and groups, so far. I want the network to continue to grow. It can be overwhelming at times as a natural introvert. Introverts can be social, but they need their down time and their solitude once in awhile...it's a delicate balance and one must understand him/herself quite well in order to know what you need and when you need in terms of rejuvenation and refreshment.

I know a lot so far, but interestingly enough, still learning.

Sometimes people demand so much from you and you barely have enough for yourself. That's a challenge, too.

I've furthered my personal journey into holistic medicine and herbal studies, too. I do this for myself because I've always had an interest in these things. I feel that I am naturally someone who is a medicine woman within. That's how I define my spirituality...in the realm of high intuition, healing, self-awareness, science/nature fusion, mutualism, and personal empowerment.

I think a lot of things that are considered spiritual are really metaphorical and not literal. At least for me these days. For example I believe in "magic" but in a different sense than I used to believe in it. Magic is personal alchemy and alchemists use various natural resources and things in their environment for acts of transformation. Transformation that is used for understanding, connection, healing, and balance. That is what magic is to me. Alchemy. In a very dynamic but broad sense.

I include aromatherapy in this, too. Do scents, herbs, and/or essential oils have divine properties? I really can't be sure, but what I do accept and believe at this point more readily is that it involves how one utilizes their senses and mind to create empowering situation.

For example, I burn white sage quite often. I do it because the smell of white sage is intoxicating as a burnable and as a dry herb. It's sweet, nutty, earthy, and slightly bitter, musky and smoky when it is burned, but in a pleasant and coaxing way.

When I smell it, it calms me and I want to take in the odor more. The result is that I feel balanced by burning the white sage for it's effect, so I use that to my benefit to heal and adjust my mood. That's aromatherapy, that's "magic."

Different than what fairy tales have you believe magic is. The truth is that various smells are going to affect each and every one of us quite differently for unique reasons. Each person must find out what works for them and be creative with being able to establish emotional homeostasis and well-being by utilizing these innovative and holistic tools.

I also burn sage to "clear out" a room or area of "negative energy." This means that the smell has an evaporating effect. It overrides other "essences" in the room with it's smoky and mysterious smell. That to me is a "clearing."

I also have collected a lot of organic essential oils. I have over 40 of therm, so far, and I study the medicinal properties of each. I make my own potions, tinctures, serums, and elixirs for the hair, skin, and body overall.

Some might be insect repellents, some are my own special blends to make natural oil-based perfumes, some are my own hair serums to moisturize my hair and scalp with as leave-in treatments, some are for softening and nurturing my skin and maintaining its youthful integrity, and some are for other things.

I love being an alchemist in many ways...this also includes the kitchen. Cooking and baking are alchemy, thus "magic," too. Taste, flavor, texture, and the smell of food affect mood and certainly establish the branch of culinary medicine.


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