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New, New, New
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I am feeling quite transformative, lately.

Lots of changes I'm going through.

Good ones, though.

I am moving further into front end web development. In the next several months, I should be at the point that I hope to be. There are jobs leads out there that pay between 80k-100k a year, although the current job pays good enough for now to do the things I need to do.

I'll qualify for some of those leads I've been getting in my inbox when the time comes. But that's not really THE reason why I am moving into web development. Simply put, I enjoy design and technology and I get to keep using my earned current design skills as a web developer, but I also get to move into coding/programming, which is fascinating to me within a web platform.

Responsive design, mobile technology, and web presence and creation is forever changing and expanding. It's in demand, there's a lot of exciting stuff always happening and on the horizon, and I can still be creative and innovative.

Plus, at some point, when the going is smooth, I'll be able to move into freelance web development full-time. But first, I definitely want on-site experience and work.

In this industry, both during the learning and working process, people are currency. So the more I can interact with people, network, and gather dynamic resources, the better it is for my career, opportunities, and growth.

The next couple of months will be intensely busy as I have 5 web development courses (each for different languages, coming up, that I've registered for. Some of those languages are Ruby and Python, which will be very new for me.

I am very much looking forward to this challenge and finding out how much I will be learning.

I've also changed up my hair. I now sport Senegalese twists and I love my hair this way and get a lot of compliments from many people. It totally suits me and my sense of style. I've also added African cuff beads to my twists here and there as embellishment and I am looking into collecting all sorts of wooden, onyx, glass, and metal beads from different shops online that sell African accessories and clothing.

In general, I enjoy an ethnic or African-inspired look, mixed in with bohemianism, some goth, new romantic, and whimsy, basically my own recipe of style, which can't really be pegged into a single word description. I also enjoy infusing some fashion elements from other cultures, with full appreciation of those cultures, of course.

But as a black American who has no clue about the African part of my lineage and where exactly it hails from, I desire a stronger tie to African cultural traditions, which is weird to say since we're talking about a huge continent full of many countries. I would imagine that most Black Americans (and other blacks throughout the Caribbean plate, South America, Central America, etc.) have roots that hail somewhere from West Africa. So I especially seek to look into cultures from that region of Africa.

I also bought a vegan cookbook recently called Afro-Vegan: Farm-Fresh African, Caribbean, & Southern Flavors Remixed, which caught my eye immediately. I LOVE that Bryant Terry, the author, is exploring many ways to veganize traditional Afro-Caribbean and African cuisines.

One of my favorite soups is West African peanut soup. That stuff is yum extreme.

So I'm giddy about exploring things African and Afro-centric. Of course not exclusively, but especially, for the reasoning above.

I also want to amp up the efforts in becoming multilingual. I've have spurts of productive periods where I was headed in that path, but I figure the best way to learn other languages would be to be around those who natively speak it, and/or join language groups. Additionally, listening to podcasts, watching movies, shows, and the like would add to that learning process, in the best way I can as an immersive experience, outside of being in the native country for any non-English language.

My boyfriend already speaks another language, by way of his culture, so I can learn some things from him. I can practice with him. Hangul is not too hard to grasp when it comes to the writing system, but speaking is another thing, because my English-speaking tongue is just not used to pronouncing words a certain way.

I'll certainly go at my own pace with language learning. The process is as important as the result desired.

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I think for like $99 or something you can get a DNA kit from Ancestry.com that will tell you what your specific heritage is! But that's pretty pricey, so it depends what it's worth to you to know exactly. There are also probably other competitors who may or may not be better or cheaper.

Also, your hair looks amaaaziiiing!

Edited at 2015-04-08 03:46 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I thought about getting a DNA kit, but as you mentioned, I am not sure which one to go with in terms of quality/accuracy, especially relative to pricing. I am intrigued, though.

Have you used one before?

And thanks for your compliment! :)

I haven't tried it myself, but only because I don't really feel like I have the expendable funds to put toward something so non-immediately-essential. Haha.

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