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New, New, New
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I am feeling quite transformative, lately.

Lots of changes I'm going through.

Good ones, though.

I am moving further into front end web development. In the next several months, I should be at the point that I hope to be. There are jobs leads out there that pay between 80k-100k a year, although the current job pays good enough for now to do the things I need to do.

I'll qualify for some of those leads I've been getting in my inbox when the time comes. But that's not really THE reason why I am moving into web development. Simply put, I enjoy design and technology and I get to keep using my earned current design skills as a web developer, but I also get to move into coding/programming, which is fascinating to me within a web platform.

Responsive design, mobile technology, and web presence and creation is forever changing and expanding. It's in demand, there's a lot of exciting stuff always happening and on the horizon, and I can still be creative and innovative.

Plus, at some point, when the going is smooth, I'll be able to move into freelance web development full-time. But first, I definitely want on-site experience and work.

In this industry, both during the learning and working process, people are currency. So the more I can interact with people, network, and gather dynamic resources, the better it is for my career, opportunities, and growth.

The next couple of months will be intensely busy as I have 5 web development courses (each for different languages, coming up, that I've registered for. Some of those languages are Ruby and Python, which will be very new for me.

I am very much looking forward to this challenge and finding out how much I will be learning.

I've also changed up my hair. I now sport Senegalese twists and I love my hair this way and get a lot of compliments from many people. It totally suits me and my sense of style. I've also added African cuff beads to my twists here and there as embellishment and I am looking into collecting all sorts of wooden, onyx, glass, and metal beads from different shops online that sell African accessories and clothing.

In general, I enjoy an ethnic or African-inspired look, mixed in with bohemianism, some goth, new romantic, and whimsy, basically my own recipe of style, which can't really be pegged into a single word description. I also enjoy infusing some fashion elements from other cultures, with full appreciation of those cultures, of course.

But as a black American who has no clue about the African part of my lineage and where exactly it hails from, I desire a stronger tie to African cultural traditions, which is weird to say since we're talking about a huge continent full of many countries. I would imagine that most Black Americans (and other blacks throughout the Caribbean plate, South America, Central America, etc.) have roots that hail somewhere from West Africa. So I especially seek to look into cultures from that region of Africa.

I also bought a vegan cookbook recently called Afro-Vegan: Farm-Fresh African, Caribbean, & Southern Flavors Remixed, which caught my eye immediately. I LOVE that Bryant Terry, the author, is exploring many ways to veganize traditional Afro-Caribbean and African cuisines.

One of my favorite soups is West African peanut soup. That stuff is yum extreme.

So I'm giddy about exploring things African and Afro-centric. Of course not exclusively, but especially, for the reasoning above.

I also want to amp up the efforts in becoming multilingual. I've have spurts of productive periods where I was headed in that path, but I figure the best way to learn other languages would be to be around those who natively speak it, and/or join language groups. Additionally, listening to podcasts, watching movies, shows, and the like would add to that learning process, in the best way I can as an immersive experience, outside of being in the native country for any non-English language.

My boyfriend already speaks another language, by way of his culture, so I can learn some things from him. I can practice with him. Hangul is not too hard to grasp when it comes to the writing system, but speaking is another thing, because my English-speaking tongue is just not used to pronouncing words a certain way.

I'll certainly go at my own pace with language learning. The process is as important as the result desired.

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I haven't tried it myself, but only because I don't really feel like I have the expendable funds to put toward something so non-immediately-essential. Haha.

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