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The Heart's Doorway Opens at Midnight

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So once in awhile, during my dreams, there will be a word that repeatedly reveals itself. It will stand out enough that I'll remember it once I wake up.

Many people will shake off emphatic dream details like this and chalk it up to nothing, but the words have always meant something to me. They are messages about what my life is going to be like very soon or what I am going through at the moment. It's a word that foreshadows what sort of stage I'll be going through emotionally.

I really desire a close confidant right now. Someone to talk to about all of the visceral things happening in my life presently. I am close to my mother, but I can't really share everything with her. Additionally, she is too emotionally biased when I am telling her about things that are hard for her to hear...or that cause me distress.

And there's quie a bit of distress going on right now that I need someone to reach out to during such a vulnerable time.

The word that thematically presented itself in one of my dreams recently was "Monsoon".

Monsoon is a term that some cultures use to describe a season marked by heavy rains and turbulent and dramatic winds.

I see that word metaphorically within the context of my dreams.

I am in a heavy monsoon right now and I don't know how long and hard this season will last...but I am desperate to get out of it. However, it seems I must go through it...


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