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A Visit to a Ghost Town...
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My LiveJournal has certainly been a ghost town for awhile...

I do miss posting to it regularly...a lot, as usual, has happened.

I think most people can say, for both the same and different personal reasons, that the year 2016 has been a crazy one with so many twists, turns, revelations, and so on.

I won't get into politics, though. I've been saturated enough with that for awhile...and I did pollworking services this year, which was my second time doing it.

I am hoping 2017 is an awesome year for me...and for many others...especially people I care about. A good year is well-needed and deserved.

This is me feeding a pony, while waiting for a vegan pre-Thanskgiving banquet to start, at the Have A Heart Ranch in Agoura Hills this past Saturday. He suddenly snorted on us. Lol

Well, I don't think I was sprayed but the others were...lol

Not sure if this was a Shetland pony since these were full grown and quite small, naturally. And most Shetland ponies I've seen have light manes...

Maybe it is just a miniature horse?

I'll try to post here more often...just for me...

Some posts I will make private, though, especially if they contain more intimate aspects of my life...


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